GISTET Tambun-2 Siemens Substation Training

Table of Contents


GISTET Tambun-2 Siemens Substation Training, This training is about 3 workdays session, I am focusing on the Siemens Station level, and my team is focused on siemens Bay Level.

GISTET Tambun-2 Siemens Substation Training:

Siemens Substation Training:

  • Bay Level Training
  • Station Level Training

Bay Level Training:

  • SIPROTEC 5 Overview
  • Bay Control Unit Dummy
  • Configuring Bay Control Unit 6MD85
  • Assign Binary Input/Output
  • CFC
  • Configure IEC 61850

Station Level Training:

  • SICAM PAS Configuration
  • SICAM SCC Configuration
  • SIMATIC WinCC COnfiguration

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