SIEMENS SICAM PAS System Overview: The most reliable software

SIEMENS SICAM PAS System Overview: The SICAM PAS Power Automation System provides innovative solutions for the most diverse tasks in spatially distributed information systems. The system is equally suitable for use in the substations of electric utility companies as in industrial plants.

SICAM PAS has been designed as a modular, open system, which complies with all widely used communication standards. Furthermore, it supports the operator in the implementation of project-specific tasks in the fields of substation automation and power automation.



Multiple functions for the detection and evaluation of Power Quality measuring data (PQ measuring data) for checking the network quality complement the possible fields of application of the SICAM PAS system. The User Administration tool ensures that system configuration, operation, and system management tasks can only be performed by authorized persons. The assignment of individual switching authorities down to the information level further enhances the security of system management.

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The notification functions notify you by e-mail and/or SMS on pending network faults, fault records, and reports, for example, fault location reports. The system can be structured redundantly on the system, interface, and device level. This approach significantly improves fail-safe operation. In the case of an interruption of a communication link, the redundant component takes over the process connection. Depending on the transmission protocol, the process image of the redundant system is updated either continually or by means of a general request upon process takeover. The DNP3i, IEC 60870-5-104, and IEC 61850 protocols allow TSL-based, secured data transmission via certificates.

In Ethernet TCP/IP networks, switches are used for communication with the terminal equipment. SICAM PAS supports the SNMP protocol (Simple Network Management Protocol) for monitoring the operational status of the Ethernet components and for speedy error detection in order to ensure operational reliability.

The Human-Machine Interface (HMI) of SICAM SCC provides numerous options for the implementation of your individual system management concept through customized user interfaces and specific operator actions. The consistent use of Windows technologies, convenient user interfaces, and the sophisticated operating logic of the system components ensure that newcomers can familiarize themselves with SICAM PAS within a short period of time. Since individual system components can be combined in many different ways, SICAM PAS meets almost all requirements in respect of a state-of-the-art, safe, and user-friendly substation automation system.

The individual system components are described in 3 Overview of Functions:

  • SICAM PAS functions
  • Configuration with SICAM PAS UI – Configuration
  • Efficient user administration for secure system access
  • Enabling function packages using the SICAM PAS Feature Enabler
  • SICAM PAS Value Viewer for viewing and testing
  • SICAM SCC Human-Machine Interface (HMI)
  • SICAM Valpro for the convenient archiving of measured and metered values
  • Fault record and PDR report evaluation using the Incident Explorer (SICAM PQ Analyzer)
  • Archiving events to be displayed in the Event Viewer (SICAM PQ Analyzer)
  • Displaying the versions of the system components installed via Version Scan
  • Collecting hardware and software information of the SICAM system via SICAM CHaSI

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