Substation Automation System

Substation Automation System

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Substation Automation System

What is Substation Automation System?

A substation Automation System is a specific design system built to optimize the power distribution within the Smart Grid environment. The system will help to optimize Power systems distribution operation performance like Control and Monitoring of the Power Grid coverage area.

Power Distribution System

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The operation of the Power Distribution System will support everyone in getting a good power source in their location. The energy management system of power distribution will support the best productivity.

How to keep the Power Grid stable? By using the Automation Solution from companies like ABB, GE, Siemens, Schneider, and the others vendor, it is possible to make a transformation from Analog to Digital data.

“In recent years, the influence on the electric utility business has changed a lot. Running the power grid has changed from a static, near-stable layout to a dynamic operation. Requirements regarding longer
service life for all grid system components continue to be important”


Substation Automation System and Smart Grid?

However, optimizing the power distribution system is key to getting the optimum result while operating the system. That is why automation will improve the power distribution system using a specific protocol.

The Smart Grid implementation in the Electricity will give the maximum performance of the distribution and monitoring. A stable power distribution system is a critical segment that every country needs to consider. It is more than only power distribution, but it is also about the security system and also related to another vital object and life.

Substation Automation

Smart Grid Solution

Some companies focused on developing the Smart Grid Solution like Siemens, ABB, Schneider, GE, etc. They have developed the devices that can support the Smart Grid System to be applied. The hardware for Controlling, Protection, and Communication within the Industrial Standard will help on every system level.

Here are the examples of ABB MicroSCADA X for Substation and Siemens SICAM PAS Application Station Automation. Starting from the Process Level, Bay Level, and Substation Level or the Station Level is a better way to manage the system. Thanks to the IEC-61850 as the standard protocol communication in the automation substation level, it helps much when many vendors are involved within a system.

SIEMENS Substation Automation
SoftwareMicroSCADA X SYS600
ABB Substation Automation

Besides that Solution, there is other options like the Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) device to communicate the Local system to Control Center. A device like SICAM A8000 from Siemens or ABB RTU 560 is the sample device that can help the local system communicate with the Control Center.

In general, it is called IED or an Intelligent Electronic Device. Every hardware from each Smart Grid Solution Company has its own software to write the parameterization on every level within Substation Automation. Here is an example comparison of the IEDs Hardware and Software from Siemens and ABB.

HardwareSIPROTEC 5
SoftwareDIGSI 5
HardwareRelion 650 series IEDs