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If you are new to Siemens SICAM PAS Software, then you might need to know this. There are two mode install versions for SICAM PAS, Full Version, and Demo Version. If you are interested in SICAM PAS Application Performance, you can check it in my article. SICAM PAS UI Configuration Overview

During the Commissioning for Substation Automation System, I have seen the other software for Substation Automation. But the most suit software is SICAM PAS in my opinion.

Okay, Let’s go for the SICAM PAS.

SICAM PAS Installation Mode Version

SICAM PAS Installation Mode Version

There are two types o SICAM PAS Installation Mode Version:

  1. Install Mode Full Version
  2. Install Mode Demo Version

When you have the right license within the USB Dongle of SICAM PAS, then you can install the full version of SICAM PAS. This is usually needed when you applied the SICAM PAS within a Substation Automation. The other way, for testing purposes you can try to install the SICAM PAS Demo version.

SICAM PAS Installation Mode Full Version

This is the real installation mode when you have the right software license and the hard lock Dongle of SICAM PAS Software. Using the full version of SICAM PAS, you can build a project within the software for the real application based on your systems. The SICAM PAS features will automatically read the license that you have already bought from Siemens.

SICAM PAS Installation Mode Demo Version

The SICAM PAS Demo version is available when you need it for temporary needs. Unlike the full version of SICAM PAS, you can’t use the project that you have built on the demo version for the real applications.

Within the Demo version, you have all of the licenses and features of SICAM PAS (Limited to 3 hours of use). The SICAM PAS Demo version will be restarted automatically after 3 hours of use. If you are interested to try, you can follow my tutorial Installing SICAM PAS Demo Version. Finally, that is all about SICAM PAS Mode Install.

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