SICAM PAS Fields of Application: Solution for Total Integration

SICAM PAS Fields of Application, SICAM PAS can be used for all applications where the following is required:

SICAM PAS Fields of Application
SICAM PAS Fields of Application

SICAM PAS Fields of Application

  • Different communication standards and interfaces for the connection of bay devices and substations or for the connection to tele-control centers (Ethernet TCP/IP, serial interfaces, or OPC)
  • Data acquisition and transmission under real-time conditions
  • Secured data transmission
  • Ethernet network monitoring, for example, based on SNMP
  • Double-channel connection for enhanced availability of communication to the control centers
  • Data exchange via OPC for connection with office computers
  • Realization of automation tasks
  • Process visualization – Human Machine Interface (HMI)
    Flexible solutions for local visualization, control, archiving, and logging
    Remote visualization, control, archiving, and logging, using SICAM SCC and the SIMATIC Web Navigator
    Visualization of process data via individually designed user interfaces such as overview diagrams, station diagrams, and event lists
  • Archiving of measured and metered values
  • Archiving fault records and PDR records and evaluation with the SICAM PQ Analyzer
  • Archiving events and evaluation with the SICAM PQ Analyzer
  • Notification on the arrival of fault records, state changes of selected items of information, or the completion of fault location reports
  • Automatic or manual export of fault records
  • Assignment of individual switching authorities down to the information level
  • Secured data access via the User Administration tool
  • Switchgear interlocks for tele-controlling/controlling
  • Redundant structure of the substation level
  • Test and diagnostic functions
  • (Remote) visualization and control of SICAM PAS applications, interfaces, and connect to devices and control centers with SICAM PAS UI – Operation Client

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