Introduction to ABB Freelance 2019 DCS

Introduction to ABB Freelance 2019 DCS
Introduction to ABB Freelance 2019 DCS

Introduction to ABB Freelance 2019 DCS, -ABB Freelance 2019 distributed control system (DCS) solution, –Freelance 2019 is a complete distributed control system capable of combining the advantages of DCS and PLC. It offers a small footprint of the PLC, along with the full functionality of DCS. The integrated environment simplifies Fieldbus engineering, commissioning, maintenance, and management.

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Introduction to ABB Freelance 2019 DCS: ABB is taking the next big step

With this new version of Freelance, Distributed Control Systems are even more attractive than ever for new projects and their huge installed base. Security is a top priority in the Industry 4.0 era, so increasing security is one of a series of new features and benefits included in ABB Freelance DCS 2019.

Originally launched in 1994, Freelance is a distributed control system (DCS) solution for the process industry. It combines DCS with Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC. Freelance 2019 is the latest version of DCS.

The Freelance suite of solutions consists of Freelance Operations for use at the operator level, scalable process level options, and Freelance Engineering which is used to configure and run systems including operator interfaces.

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Introduction to ABB Freelance 2019 DCS
Introduction to ABB Freelance 2019 DCS

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Introduction to ABB Freelance 2019 DCS: Efficiency Operations & Engineering

  • Freelance 2019 provides increased efficiency and usability for its Operations and Engineering solutions by adding advanced navigation, filtering, and sorting functions.
  • The controller, PM 904F, expands the Freelance AC 900F controller family in the upper range, supporting four communication interfaces. It also provides more application memory and allows certain memory reservations. For all applications, Freelance controller users are 100% runtime compatible.
  • Up to four monitors can now be connected to a single operator workstation. The display types available per monitor, as well as monitor settings, are configured and meet common requirements for operator safety and effectiveness.
  • Freelance provides an additional alternative to its user management capabilities known as “Security Keys” with a solution called “Extended User Management”. This option uses Windows user accounts and supports both local and domain accounts. As a result, typical requests for options such as central password management, rules for password complexity, or password aging can be met.
  • Freelance 2019 can run on Windows 10 and Windows 7 Operating Systems in the same system architecture. This allows customers/users to make incremental upgrades to modern IT infrastructure. As in previous versions, Freelance subscribers have the option to stay automatically updated by subscribing to the Automation Sentinel lifecycle program by, for example, providing automated cybersecurity patches.
  • Freelance is available in multiple languages, it only takes you about five minutes to install on any standard computer, and is easy to learn on your own. The operator interface allows the operation and diagnosis of the entire system and becomes only one file to back up because the entire application fits on a small memory stick.

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